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Target-oriented research and vertical production. These are the two elements which combine to make Tecno Line by Lenzi Egisto a fabric range with high technical content directly aimed at providing bullseye solutions for specific outerwear problems.
Lenzi Tecno Line is the product of Lenzi Egisto's experience as a vertical production mill able to create fabrics with the DuPont certificate of quality, meeting the toughest standards of strength and durability using fibres such as Cordura®, Kevlar® and Lycra®.
The quality and reliability of Lenzi Tecno Line fabrics are already appreciated by many companies in the world. Colmar, Tecnica, Nordica, Lowa, Dainese, Alpinestar, Salomon, Aku and La Sportiva besides others choose Tecno Line: fabrics for great performance to go straight on target.
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